August, 2020


Due to the feedback we have received from the community, we have decided to reopen on Tuesdays and once again host board and card game nights! Additionally, we have seen a steady return of Pokemon players return and have decided to regularly run Pokemon casual events once again on Saturdays.

We do not expect a full return, as many are still uneasy returning to large group events, but we would like to let everyone know that we continue to practice constant cleaning, mask regulation, and we always have hand sanitizer available when needed.

Thank you all for your continued support through these trying times-
We'll get through this together; happy gaming!

August, 2020


The Wizards Play Network (WPN) has been suspended temporarily by Wizards of the Coast due to their concerns for the safety of their players. Due to large-scale events being more dangerous in terms of spreading COVID-19, they have temporarily stopped all pre-release events.

Arkham Games is still hosting MTG events, however they are not run through the WPN.
Our regular events will still be run as normally as possible until the WPN is back online and can once again run pre-release events.

August, 2020

TCG Trade-ins and Board Game Bazaar

We are once again accepting trading cards, board games, and card games into the store.

Whether your looking to trade in card singles or an old gaming collection, we only require that the item(s) not have been near/in contact with anyone or any place where COVID-19 has been present within the previous two weeks of the item's arrival.

August, 2020

Magic the Gtahering & Pokemon Free Product

In addition to lands, bulk cards, and tokens, we now have Welcome Booster packs available to new Magic players and Ikoria themed posters available to all players.

As for Pokemon, we have Galar region stickers and starter-pokemon themed posters available to all in addition to free energy and damage tokens.

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