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August, 2021


Wizards of the Coast has switched over from the WPN to their new system, EventLink. EventLink will be where we post all up-coming events for official MTG releases and weekly gatherings.
If you haven't yet, we highly reccomend you download the Magic Companion app. The app allows you to quickly join any events you attend and makes pairing, seating arrangements, and even life-tracking fast and easy. The app download link can be found here-

July, 2021

Magic the Gathering & Pokemon Free Product

In addition to lands, bulk cards, and tokens, we now have Welcome Booster packs available to new players.

As for Pokémon, we have foldable playmats available to all in addition to free energy and damage tokens.

For D&D, we've got double sided dungeon maps for Mythic Odysseys of Theros available for your next dungeon dive.

May, 2021


Due to lifted restrictions for masks in public spaces, as well as the wider spread of the COVID-19 vaccines, we have decided to open the store our 6 full days a week once again. We will be open again from Tuesday to Sunday- 2pm on week days, Noon on weekends.

Additionally, we have a new staff member and manager- Alexander!
Alexander is an avid Magic player, Dungeon Master, and board game enthusiast. Many of you may already have met him and even know him well, but for those of you that don't, you'll definitely want to!

All of our events will return to normal days and times-
Tuesday, 5pm: Board & Card Game Night
Wednesday, 6pm: Dungeon & Dragons
Thursday, 5pm: Warhammer
Friday, 7pm: Friday Night Magic
Saturday, Noon: Pokemon  /  6pm: Magic Commander Night
Sunday, Noon: Painting  /  4pm: Table-Top Role Playing Games