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Board/Card Games

Free-to-play board & card games are always on-hand in our public game room.

Play! Pokémon

Casual battles, open trading, promo cards & pre-release events can all be found here. 


Miniatures, dice, and open tables can all be found for free here for adventurers.

MtG: Commander

Commander format is our most popular and offers a fun challenge for all players.


We provide free-to-use terrain and boards for massive Warhammer battles.


Experienced painters can find space here & new painters can find lessons and practice.


Friday Night Magic is ideal for new & regular players; Draft format for the most current set.


Dungeons, paths, magic, or cultists- all adventure is welcome in our game room.

Looking to run an event?

If you've got a game to test, a game to promote, or even just want to plan out a good time for your gaming group-
hit the Contact Us button below to let us know or give us a call at 515-964-4188.
We'll let you know all about our open gaming times, pre-planned events, and how we can fit you into the schedule!

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