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Trading Card Games: Trade-In Rates for Card Singles

MTG Card Back.png

Magic: the Gathering

Store-Credit rate: 50% Market Value
Cash Rate: 20% Market Value

We take Trade-Ins!

Here at Arkham we use market prices determined by TCGPlayer to determine the value of all cards that are brought in.

In order to receive any market value for a card, it's market price must be at or above $1.00.

Any card valued at less than $1.00 is considered "Bulk" trade-in and can only be traded in for store-credit at a rate of .01¢ per card.

Some cards and collections cannot be taken in due to condition, value, or inventory space.

Cash offers not available for all trade-ins, pending review.

PTCG Card Back.png


Store-Credit rate: 40% Market Value
Cash Rate: 10% Market Value

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