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Cult & Community:
Whether they're a local business owner or part of the great gaming cult,
these are some of the wonderful people who help make Arkham great!


Owner of Arkham Games in Ankeny, Iowa.

Event organizer and rules checker- always happy to help new gamers get started!

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General Manager of Arkham Games in Ankeny, Iowa.

Resident DM, Magic player, and board game enthusiast- always ready to give a helping hand!


Kim Vore:
Owner of Clearly Yummy in Ankeny, Iowa.

Local kitchen wizard and provider of many game-room baked-goods!

Give her a visit at


Dan Say:
Owner of Prestidigitation Soapworks

Dungeon Master and Soap maker, he's certainly got the dice down!

Give him a visit here!


Ramon Rumsey:
Owner of Ray's Chaotic Goods

Dice lover and metal crafter, he's got the perfect armor for your dice!

Give him a visit here!


Sam Harper:
Local Dungeon Master, Magic the Gathering player, and dragon lover.

Whether you're after a great D&D dive or an intense game of Magic- come in Wednesdays to throw down!


Brian Abshire:

Local artist, craftsman, & coordinator for Arkham Games merchandise.

No matter how big the project, we guarantee Brian has the skills to take it to the next level!


Dave Merrill:

Local miniature painter and builder.

Whether you need lessons or ideas for your miniature army, come see him Sundays at Arkham for help!

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