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The Arkham Arena
Our Public Game Room

At Arkham Games, we're proud to serve the gaming community by maintaining and supplying a 100% free-to-use gaming area.
While we often utilize the game room space to host events, it is also usable by anyone for open gaming of any kind.
Our game room boasts plenty of tables, chairs, snacks, drinks, and of course a restroom.

Free-to-Play Games

We provide a large selection of board & card games for free, public use in our game room.

Special Events

We often host limited-time and special events here such as pre-releases, local game testing, and parties.

Free-to-Use Terrain

We always have Warhammer terrain tables and environment pieces on-hand thanks to our great community members.

Public Bulletin

We have a public bulletin available for anyone looking to start a gaming group or advertise their own event(s).

Space and Times - Open Gaming

When we aren't busy hosting events, our game room's tables and chairs are open to anyone looking for a space to game.
While any events participants have priority for gaming space, any unused space during any event is still open for public use.
While we provide many games here, anyone is welcome to bring games and supplies of their own.

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Spending some time in the game room? Stay longer with snacks, drinks, and home made desserts!
All for sale in the game room; we have a large assortment of chips, candy, Pepsi brand drinks, and even desserts such as cookies and caramels from Ankeny's own Clearly Yummy!

Come and play your tabletop games here!
-Here are some of our favorites-

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